Available services include:

  • Gardening and landscape maintenance: mowing, weeding, watering, dead-heading, light pruning of shrubs and trees... whatever needs doing!
  • Veggies!!!: Growing your own food is the best! And veggie gardens can be beautiful too!  I'd be happy to help with designing, planting, and/or maintaining your veggie garden. 
  • Consultations and landscape design: if you've got questions about how your garden grows, feel free to book a consultation and we can talk it out.  I am also happy to provide design suggestions and plans for your yard and garden on a smaller scale.  You'll need a fully qualified landscape designer for larger projects though, and I know some great ones around town (links to come).
  • Other needs or ideas...? Feel free to ask!


  • $25/hour for casual or one-time services, three hour minimum
  • Reduced rates for regular, ongoing gardening and landscape maintenance services